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Murder Makers

With the beloved Lee Mathews wrapped in death’s warm embrace, a new batch of pupils has arrived at the mansion eager to learn from last year’s chosen one. This time, and under Ant’s remote supervision, the eager students will be assigned specific tasks they must carry out to prove themselves worthy of the Murder Maker’s secret.

With stakes higher than ever, only one will walk out of the mansion alive.
Who will take the prize and who will die?

More important: Why?

I couldn't put this book down. I absolutely loved it and loved the way it all came together in the end, even though I couldn't figure out how it would end. It had me guessing the whole time.

Each character had their own voice, and I could picture each of them in my head, their descriptions clear. I got lost in each and every interview and loved each one.

I'm definitely going to re-read this book.

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