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10 Questions With Adam J. Smith

With a new release titled "Harold" now available, I was delighted to have Adam J. Smith take out some time to get in the hot seat. Make sure to check out all of Adam's links at the end of the Q&A.

1. HRR – Hey, Adam. Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself.

I am a fairly new published author with 3 books to my credit so far, but I have been writing for most of my life. My three books are: Tales of Miscellany; Tales of Miscellany II; and HAROLD.

2. HRR – When did you first start writing, and what prompted you to do so?

I wrote my first song at the age of 11 and never stopped writing. I loved Christmas, and still do, and I really wanted my own Christmas song. So, I wrote one. I have now written over 900 songs and poems and several books.

3. HRR – How do you develop your plot and characters?

I have been told that I have a creative mind. My mind is always working, always thinking about the project I am currently working on or the next one to come. Plots usually come to me while I’m lost in thought on various other projects. I write them down and then decide whether or not to write about them. I usually develop characters that I care about from people I have met in real life. The characters that I care less about, or perhaps purposefully despise, are completely fabricated to fit the type of person I need for that roll. I would imagine movies I’ve seen play a large roll in my character development.

4. HRR – Which of your books would you recommend new readers to start with?

HAROLD – My first two books were multiple adventure/mystery short stories. Harold, on the other hand, is a full-length chapter book, and my best book in my opinion. I truly believe that HAROLD could be developed into a blockbuster movie one day.

5. HRR – If you could have one of your books developed into a movie or TV show, which would you choose?

I kind of jumped ahead in the last question. HAROLD could definitely be made into a movie that I believe a lot of people would pay to watch.

6. HRR – What does your daily writing schedule look like?

I’m a bit of a workaholic, especially when I have a project going that I’m really passionate about. I do most of my writing at night, when the house is quiet. I probably don’t sleep nearly as much as I should. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that I probably spend an average of 3-4 hours per night working on writing and then another 2-3 hours per day working on marketing sales.

I always keep a notepad close by because you never know when a great idea will come to you. I like to write them down and then brainstorm on them for a bit to see if they become something I want to pursue or not.

7. HRR – Can you tell us about any books you are working on at the moment?

Well, my newest book “HAROLD” just came out and is available for sale now in both paperback and e-Book formats. The audiobook is currently in the works, but that will probably take a while to complete. In the meantime, I am slowly beginning a new book called “Tales From the Campfire”. I am excited about this book. It is full of tales that I was actually told while sitting around the campfire when I was younger, as well as some frightening tales that involved my family while they were sitting around various campfires. For every story in this book, most of it is true, and then I added a flare of fantastical fiction. But often truth is scarier than fiction.

8. HRR – How do you handle negative book reviews?

So, I look at negative book reviews in two different was, depending on who gave the review. If it looks like an actual book critic or avid reader gave the review, I take it as constructive criticism and a means to improve my writing. If I can tell the review came from jealously or someone who probably never even read the book, then I take it with a grain of salt and move on with my life.

9. HRR – How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

I don’t typically celebrate until the book starts selling. If it sells well than I celebrate.

10. HRR – Finally, please tell us where we can find and follow you online.

Barnes & Noble:


Tales of Miscellany:

Tales of Miscellany II:

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