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10 Questions with Todd Love

Today, we welcome Todd Love into the Horror R&R hot seat. I'll have some links and such to share, so please do take time to read all the way to the end.

1. HRR – Hey, Todd. Can you start things off by telling us a little bit about yourself.

I am a father and husband. I am Canadian, living near Ottawa Ontario. I work full-time and try to write when I can. I enjoy reading, writing, BBQing, and camping.

2. HRR – When did you first start writing, and what made you put pen to paper?

I have written for a long time but did not get serious until 2021. My first published work was on Amazon. It’s a collection of classic horror. The oldest story in that collection was from 2016. Going back to it years later, I had to change a lot of it, not the story itself, there were a lot of errors that needed to be fixed. At the same time Godless, led by Drew Stepek, came on the scene. I reached out to Drew and released Platinum Blondes on the platform. It stayed on the best-seller list for the last year and a half. That was my first attempt at extreme/splatterpunk writing.

3. HRR – Which authors would you say were your biggest influences?

Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Tolkien, and many others.

There are numerous authors that I have read and become friends with over the past few years in the indie horror community, too many to list. When I read what they are putting out into the community it makes me want to write more and push myself out of my comfort zone. All of that led me to write “Last Day”. Something I had never tried before. The short story received many great reviews.

4. HRR – What was the first book you had published, and what do you currently have in the works?

First Book was “Tortured Tales”. I work hard on getting this book out. It put me in contact with Candace Nola, who became my editor. The cover was done by Greg Chapman, which still receives compliments each time I promote the book.

Current Project: My new collection will be out in March. “Howling of the Damned”. It will be an extreme collection of horror. It will be on Godless and on Amazon for paperback book collectors.

Also, I have finished my first novella “Thresholds of Suffering”, my longest story so far. It will be out this year sometime.

Next: A novella called GEEK. Based on my short story GEEK released on Godless last year.

My first novel will be loosely based on a true story of my childhood.

5. HRR – If one of your stories could be adapted into a TV show or movie, which one would you choose?

TV Show – Definitely my story Geek.

Movie – my new Novella – Thresholds of Suffering.

I have been told by a few authors and fans that “Last Day” would make a great play.

6. HRR – What are your feelings on the rising popularity of AI to create art and stories?

If that’s what people want to do, fine. Don’t call yourself an author if you do. Authors pour some of themselves into their work, which allows the reader into personal thoughts or moments of their life, which creates a bond or a relationship between the reader and writer.

7. HRR – Can you tell us a little bit about your writing process?

For short stories, I sit and write until the story is done. The edit, adding or taking away things that need to be improved.

For Novella – I write a chapter outline. Who is in the chapter, and where does the story needs to go from the first word to last. I am planning to use the same steps for my first novel.

8. HRR – What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing?

Just write.

9. HRR – What author in your genre do you most admire, and why?

For Indie Horror I admire all of it. If a story gets me with a twist or makes me think or makes me uncomfortable or makes me turn the page until the last word – I LOVE IT! Joe Scipione, Dameon Manx, Mark Towse and Eric LaRocca make me think. Rayne Havok and D.A. Latham made me uncomfortable. The guys at Written in Red always keep me turning the pages. Ronald Kelly – well damn – he is the KING! Steve Stred, Candace Nola, Edward Lee, Drew Stepek, Nikolas Robinson, Hawker and McHardy. This list could go on for pages!

10. HRR – Please share with us your social media links and where we can find your work,

You can find me on Facebook and TikTok. Just search for my name.

You can get my short stories on

Website coming in the near future.

To check out Todd's work, please head over to his page on Godless by clicking HERE.

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