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A Shift in Focus

It has been a minute since I posted anything on this blog, but that is about to change, as are many things in my writing world. Allow me to explain...

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, where I has what can best be described as a life-changing week away from my regular routine. What I realized was that said routine was having an impact on my mental health, which is not great to begin with. Early on in the vacation, I got off Facebook and stuck my phone in my pocket, choosing to view the world through my own eyes as opposed to my phone camera lens. By the end of the week, my screen time was way down, as was my anxiety level.

After a quick peek at Facebook upon my return, I realized just how negative it is on there. I made the decision to cut my personal page out to focus on my author page, where I can get in, schedule posts, and get out. I also want to do more on Instagram, as I really like the results that I get there. In short, I want to dive deeper into author world, which I have not really done given that I am not big on self-promotion.

So, what is the short-term plan, other than limiting screen time on social media? I am in the process of writing a collection of short horror stories, which I want to release in hardcover. I am also taking piano lessons with an eye on creating a cool little piece to go with said book. Besides that, I am going to read more and continue to dabble with AI art, which is becoming something of an obsession. In short, I will be doing what makes me happy and relaxed as opposed to stressing about the small stuff all the time.

I hope you all join me on the journey. See you again next week.


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