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Are You Ready to Go Off the Grid?

A few years ago, my wife and I started talking about the prospect of selling everything, buying a camper, and traveling the country with no fixed agenda. The notion of a camper quickly turned into a tiny house once we saw those bad boys start to become a thing.

Like many ideas, that one eventually got buried under the realities of day to day life. Still, we occasionally relive the dream by watching shows about people living off the grid in tiny houses. That was where the idea for this book was born.

I had always wanted to write a story about the Wendigo, so the idea of a couple living out in the middle of nowhere with a forest creature on their tail seemed like a natural fit. The idea eventually evolved into a story where the Wendigo became something of a secondary character, but horror lovers should be aware that things still go off the rails in a big way, especially when the Wendigo creatures make their appearance.

The paperback is available now, while the eBook version hits Amazon on March 6. Why not come and join me Off the Grid.


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