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Beer & Books: A Love Story

Story ideas can come to you at the strangest of times and in the most unexpected of places. With two of my books born in a brewery, it might seem fair to suggest that I have a drinking problem of the positive variety.

I do enjoy a beer, and sometimes several in the same sitting, but I am as far removed from the alcoholic author of the Hollywood world as it gets. That said, inspiration does seem to strike at times when you would fully expect my senses to be dulled.

It was a conversation with friends at my local brewery that gave birth to the idea for Karaoke Night. It was at that same brewery where my publisher contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a novella for the Donut Shop Series. Since the main theme of the series was romance, my first instinct was to pass. It wasn't until a few beers later that Crueller popped into my head and the rest, as they say, is history.

While ideas often arrive while beer is coursing through my system, the act of writing becomes an impossible act, unless you think that slowly hunting for the next letter on your laptop with your tongue sticking out is somehow productive. This is where notebooks are my very best friend, although my scribbled notes often need some serious deciphering.

I will continue to write and enjoy the odd beer here and there. Whether that beautiful combo delivers more ideas remains to be seen.


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