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Horror Book Deals - June 23, 2023

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Something feels very wrong about the Little Woods. Something chilling and unnatural. And one man is about to remember why in this haunting psychological thriller inspired by real events.

The summer of 1977 was meant to be the best one yet for 11-year-old Ian Cockerton. But when a game in the woods descends into horror, a sleepy Pennsylvania community is plunged into unthinkable nightmare.

Eighteen years later, surrounded by skyscrapers and the reassuring thrum of city life, Ian no longer allows himself to acknowledge the impossible truth of that summer. But when the appearance of a dead childhood friend triggers nerve-shredding flashbacks and a horrifying premonition, Ian is drawn back to the one place he vowed never to return.

There, together with a charismatic spiritualist from New Orleans, he’ll engage in a harrowing battle to protect all he loves from an ancient force of darkness hellbent on finishing what it started. But is it too late to stop the deadly prophecy?


Prague has a serial killer problem. Meet Tomáš Novák, alcoholic, genius crime buster and Nicolas Cage lookalike (much to his annoyance). He is in pursuit of a killer whose leitmotif is decapitating heads and leaving them in public places. As the investigation unfolds, it reveals a parallel story of revenge and passion from 17th Century Czech folklore. Novák has an estranged daughter, a growing drink problem, and he looks like Nicolas Cage. But that has never stopped him before.

Headcase is a satirical post-truth ghost story. Think The Da Vinci Code written by Thomas Harris with a dash of hard boiled Raymond Chandler Noir. The atmosphere of the book should feel like a David Fincher film. Ghostly, Macabre with wickedly black humour. It employs a parallel narrative. One shorter story is placed at the front of the book and is primarily told in the first person and takes place in the late Medieval period. The second core story follows a set of separate characters in the 21st Century.

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