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Indie Horror New Releases For January '24

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Synopsis -

Jay has been uploaded into a new body to investigate why the transporter ship Candlemass went dark fourteen days ago. After the ship's owner gives him the rundown of the assignment, he's quickly ushered on board.

In the halls of the derelict vessel, Jay discovers black sludge coating the inner hull, leading him to a container in the Cargo Bay.

If only he could have stopped there.

As Jay digs further, he's thrown into a psychological maelstrom of the ship's and, more importantly, his own history and what led him to be uploaded in the first place.

The World He Once Knew is a transcendental, sci-fi horror novel set in the distant future. Here, the deceased's consciousness can be bought and uploaded and forced into labor. They can't quit, even if their new lives make them wish they were dead again.

Synopsis -

A blasphemous act with her crucifix unlocks a world of pleasure beyond Tamina's wildest imagining. She soon discovers that she has also unlocked something else – something far more sinister than she is prepared for, and not only does it want to ravage her young flowering body to the point of splitting her in two, but it also wants to rip her soul apart.

Synopsis -

When the survivors of Europea Halls' massacre go on a summer trip to Budapest, they are in dire need of a good time. However, when one of their new friends gets brutally killed, it seems like the past is still hunting them.

Will the group be able to crack the code on how to bend the rules of a sequel or is the killer one step ahead of them?

Synopsis -

From the author of Estate Sale and many other literary nightmares, comes a collection of dark psychological fiction like no other, featuring novelettes and shorter stories that range from horror to suspense to mystery to coming-of-age to thrillers.

Smile So Red - a man down on his luck finds a strange graffitied house on his hike, and can't quite seem to leave it behind.

Spindel - a twelve-year-old boy suspects that one of the neighbors on his paper route might be a local serial killer and sets off to investigate.

Blues for the Soul - a library worker tries to help a troubled young boy and uncovers a terrible truth about his family.

Devil's Chord - return to the world of Smile So Red with a meta journey set to the earworm tune of your worst nightmares.

Stump - a bullied young boy and a downtrodden family man from the same apartment complex unwittingly find solace in the same area of the local woods, trusting their secrets to the same remnant of an old tree.

Flamingos - two sisters must confront their troubled past when a buried memory is triggered by the seemingly innocuous plastic lawn birds.

The Trunk - a first-generation immigrant from a war-torn country striving to achieve the American Dream finds something in the basement of his new home that has other ideas for him.

Reddest - another return to the world of Smile So Red, albeit from a very different perspective.

Details to Follow!!

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