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It Takes a Village

Writing is a rather solitary chore that can leave you feeling as though nothing exists outside of the words and world you weave inside your own head. It's only when the story is told that you realize that it takes a village to bring your words to the attention of others.

The work on my end for "Karaoke Night" is almost complete, but I am not waiting for the acknowledgements blurb at the end of the book to let you all know the people who have helped turn a basic idea scribbled in a notebook into something tangible.

As always, it is my wife Penny who takes top billing. She always encourages me to write even though she knows that the process turns me into a mess of a man who is, at times, almost impossible to live with. She is also my harshest critic, which is why she always get's first read of all my work.

A huge thanks to my drinking pal Matt Frankel for creating a killer cover, and also to the extremely talented Jeffrey Miller, who delivered a brilliant foreword of which my work is certainly not worthy. Besides Penny, thanks also go to Cindy Miller Wahl, Michelle Austin, Ray Weeks, and Gary Sweeney, all of whom read the rough draft and delivered valuable feedback and critiques. Finally, I also need to thank Joy Liebengood, who is currently in the process of formatting the manuscript to suit the needs of the publisher.

This piece of work will be out of my hands soon and hopefully available to buy in the very near future. I am truly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life, and I sincerely hope that I can do you all proud by having my work reach the level of effort that you have all put into this project.

Cheers to my village and all my future readers.


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