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Multi-Genre New Releases November 2023

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Synopsis -

Jonas has always been a wanderer, roaming from one corner of the world to the next in search of a purpose that has eluded him for a lifetime. But everything changes when he crosses paths with Eli, a stranger with a chilling secret.

Drawn into a world shrouded in fear and horror, Jonas is confronted with a mysterious book that holds the key to a destiny he never asked for. As the shadows close in around him, he must make a choice that will alter the course of his life, even though he doesn't fully understand the task at hand.

Synopsis -

Lana’s love life has been sparse as of late, while her best friend’s is spiraling out of control. In one night, two men come into her life. One she falls deeply in love with and one with malicious intent.

Each day she wakes up not knowing if it will be her last. Soon she has more to worry about than her passionate love affair with a police officer. She doesn’t know who is after her but soon learns nowhere is truly safe.

Each day… the Languish takes its toll.

Each day… she comes closer to losing the man she loves.

Each day…she gets closer to falling into the hands of the man who haunts her nightmares.

Synopsis -

A lighthearted murder mystery

Cathartic – Emotional – Chilling

This is a story of the struggles in life, of family bonds, and good friendships. But rarely in life do things go to plan as unfulfilled expectations darken their days.

Death is a part of our lives that we can never escape, yet we live as if it will never come, hiding from it, denying its existence. But in a way it lives within us, it is all around us. We see it on the news, but we are quick to ignore it. Be grateful for the life you have, and for the people you love.

Synopsis -


The ultimate betrayal on his face when he sees that plug in my hand shatters my cybernetic heart. Helpless, my world turns to chaos, and I spiral downward, crushed by my very own actions.


Trying to be the hero, I lost it all without even knowing it. The world went on without me. However, our love proved to be stronger, and apparently the gods were not done with me yet. With me gone, an unlikely partnership forms risking it all to bring me back, but will it be me, or something else that emerges.

This book,... as all others in this series... has extreme triggers and is intended for a mature audience only!

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