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Review - A Dark Breed by Patrick McNulty

Synopsis -

The Jacksons are a family teetering on the edge of emotional and financial ruin. With the threat of uprooting the entire family for greener pastures the Jacksons need a win, but they will settle for a vacation. Even if it means driving through a horrific blizzard to an all expenses paid chalet high in the Colorado mountains.

Out of cell phone range and out of options, the Jacksons creep along through the storm until one wrong turn sends their ancient Dodge Caravan off the edge of the road and down a mountain slope better suited for skiing.

Battered and bruised, but still alive, the Jacksons take shelter in an abandoned cabin only to find a pregnant woman being held prisoner in a nearby outbuilding.

Soon after they release the woman they realize their mistake and that no good deed goes unpunished...

Review -

A Dark Breed is labeled as Book 1 in the Monsters & Mayhem collection, and it seems to be well named, as there is plenty of both.

The book opens with a aging professor overseeing some unexplained experiment in a tunnel under attack by monster assailants. It's a tense opening that sets up well for what is to come.

When the Jacksons stumble upon the secluded cabin by the tunnel after a horrific car crash, they believe themselves to be safe, but that turns out be a pretty poor assumption.

The final third of A Dark Breed is a full-on assault of horror that comes to a stunning conclusion.

This book would have been a 5-star, but there were some issues with switching between tenses that were, at times, jarring and took me out of the story. That aside, this is still a book that I would definitely recommend. You can nab your copy HERE.

**NOTE - This was an ARC copy. The author has informed me that the tense issues are gone in the published version now available**

4 stars out of 5

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