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Review - A Meeting In The Devil's House by Richard Dansky

Synopsis -

A piratical rabbi who fights zombies. A man-eating Sasquatch in a top hat. An intrepid ghost hunter who dares meet the Devil on his own turf. These are some of the characters whose paths you'll cross in A MEETING AT THE DEVIL'S HOUSE AND OTHER STORIES.

Welcome to the imagination of Richard Dansky, where legends walk, angels whisper, and unicorns are forced into impossible hopes. Explore the darkest chambers of the human heart or meet face-to-face with evil beyond understanding, as the stories in this collection will terrify and delight in equal measure.

Review -

Good short story collections can be difficult to come by, as there is often a feeling that some stories are little more than filler. That is certainly not the case with this collection from Richard Dansky.

The stories in this collection run the gamut of horrors and are all unique in their own right. there are a few that are also deserving of a longer story. The Reb Palache tales fit that bill, for sure.

The story that stood out for me, though, was The Beast of Sica Hollow. This one explores the legend of the Taku-He, a sasquatch type creature out for blood. I'd love to learn more about the lore and see this as a future creature feature novel that I would love to read.

You can grab a copy by clicking HERE.

4 Stars out of 5

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