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Review - Bad God's Tower by Erica Summers

Synopsis -

Vicious criminals, Eugene Dempsey and Chester Craven, escape Wyoming Territorial Prison armed with nothing but striped prisoner pajamas and a Lakota’s hand-drawn map that, according to legend, will lead them to the unfathomable riches in a secret tunnel burrowed into the base of Devil’s Tower. Seeking their golden fortune, the fugitives head north, leaving their dusty trail stained in the blood of innocents.

With two determined buffalo soldiers nipping their heels, the sadistic escapees will soon realize all the gold in the land isn’t worth what lies in wait for them in the claustrophobic underground beneath.

Review -

If you go into this novelette expecting a Western in the old familiar style, you are in for a shock. This brilliant little tale is a lot more Bone Tomahawk than it is Lonesome Dove.

The story opens with a violent jailbreak and the promise of gold in the hills, but it always feels as though the two bad guys are heading out on a fool's errand, with a pair of Buffalo Soldiers in hot pursuit.

It's a fast-paced, violent ride from start to finish and the ending will literally have you gasping for breath. I don't want to reveal to much here, as that will take away the element of surprise when the villains reach their destination.

Bad God's Tower is a book you can read in a single sitting and is one I highly recommend. Release date is July 1, but you can pre-order by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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