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Review - Breach by Candace Nola

Synopsis -

Lost in a world no longer her own.

Laraya Jamison is a young woman on a camping trip with close friends before the start of college classes. When they are savagely attacked by a creature that defies description, she flees into the woods, unknowingly crossing through a breach between realities.

She must figure out where she is and how she got there in order to get home, but her survival depends on fighting monsters and demons that seem to have been ripped directly from her nightmares. Lost in a dark world full of creatures, hostile plant life and a banshee intent on hunting her, she must learn to confront her fears and figure out how to survive on her own.

With only a curious group of insects to aid her, she battles her way through this new world, but will she survive long enough to discover the truth behind her new reality?

Review -

Breach opens with a brutal bang, with a group of campers torn to shreds by a spider creature that is the stuff of nightmares. The lone survivor, Laraya, escapes, only to go through a breach and into a strange new world.

From this point forward, the story takes on a dark fantasy tone, but there is still more than enough going on to have horror lovers rubbing their hands with glee.

The reveal of how this new world came to be is nothing short of a stroke of genius and one that I absolutely did not see coming. It's a full-tilt battle from that point forward, with our lead character going all out to find her way home.

Given the brilliance of this debut novel, it's no surprise that Candace Nola has become one of the best indie horror authors working today.

Grab your copy of Breach by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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