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Review - Country Roads by Colin Leonard

Synopsis -

Something is outside; in the fields, by the ditches, on the roads. Something old and cruel and vicious.

When Luke Sheridan moves out of Dublin city to rural Kilcross with his wife and baby, he imagines the worst part will be his extended commute to work. They can look forward to enjoying the countryside and being part of a small community. After all, his old friend Declan Maguire lives in the house next door and is a Garda in the nearest town.

But Declan’s devilish attitude towards drink, drugs and women means trouble is never far from his door. And worse, gruesome murders and the appearance of sinister figures at night mean the countryside is becoming a very dangerous place to live.

Review -

The idea of moving to the country and living an idyllic family life is something that appeals to many, but that dream can soon become a nightmare, which is exactly what happens to the young couple in Country Roads.

The author does a fantastic job of slowly ramping up the tension, with the horror elements drip fed in a way that keeps the reader on edge.

Country Roads is a slow burn tale with some really cool horror elements, and while it's a slow burn, these are roads that you are going to want to travel. If I had one complaint, it's that I'd love to have learned more about the creatures in the story. Maybe we'll get that in a future release.

You can nab your copy of Country Roads HERE.

4 Stars out of 5

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