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Review - Cutter's Deep by Ronald McGillvray

Synopsis -

Down a lonely stretch of highway stands the deserted town of Cutter's Deep. Except it's not as desolate as it seems. In fact, there's quite a lot going on behind its decaying facade and for those unfortunate to find themselves within its shadow, it's almost always deadly.

Within its guarded walls lives a young man named Arlington Woods. He's about to meet an outsider who's going to trigger something hidden deep within him that just might destroy Cutter's Deep.

And the rest of the world with it.

Review -

Every once in a while you come across a book that is so unique and different from anything else you have read that defining said book becomes very difficult. Cutter's Deep by Ronald McGillvray is one of those books.

There are moments of horror and dark fantasy woven together with a love story, which you would think should not work, but the author has found a way to make it happen, delivering an absolute banger in the process.

I went into this one blind, and I have to say that it proved to be a great decision. You should all take a visit to Cutter's Deep and embrace the horrors contained within.

You can grab your copy by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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