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Review - Five by David Sullivan

Synopsis -

After finding an abandoned cottage, Devin Holloway and his boyfriend come to learn that the camp they're working at has a more tragic and disturbing past than they had expected.

DAVID SULLIVAN'S debut novel, FIVE, is a horrific, emotional read with twists, turns, and anxiety-inducing scenes you won't be able to forget anytime soon.

FIVE is a novel intended for adults (18+) and includes strong language, homophobia, sexual assault, descriptions of gore, and images/topics some may find upsetting. Please be advised.

Review -

Whenever a book doesn't really work for me, I always try to lead with the positives, as there are always a few to be found in every story.

At it's heart, Five is a love story, and as the horrors surrounding the camp in Bevan unfold, you really begin to feel for the characters, all of whom are very well put together. The author also does a great job of making you feel that you are right there as it happens.

The story is definitely s slow burn, but it didn't have to be that way. There was a lot of details added that, for me were unnecessary, and did little to move the story forward, to the point where it felt like a first draft at times.

There is, though, the bones of a very good story in here, as well as some nicely executed twists. You can nab your copy of Five by David Sullivan HERE.

3.5 Stars out of 5

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