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Review - Frost Bite by Angela Sylvaine

Synopsis -

Remember the '90s? Well...the town of Demise, North Dakota doesn't, and they're living in the year 1997. That's because an alien worm hitched a ride on a comet, crash landed in the town's trailer park, and is now infecting animals with a memory-loss-inducing bite--and right before Christmas!

Now it's up to nineteen-year-old Realene and her best friend Nate to stop the spread and defeat the worms before the entire town loses its mind. The only things standing in the way are their troubled pasts, a doomsday cult, and an army of infected prairie dogs.

Review -

Nothing of any real interest happens in the town of Demise, North Dakota, but that all changes when a meteor crashes to Earth and splits open, infecting the prairie dogs burrowing underground.

The author quickly takes the story from zero to sixty, with the alien worm infected critters wreaking havoc on the town, spreading the disease to larger animals, followed by the humans in Demise.

While all that craziness is happening, a religious cult makes things even worse, believing that the meteor hit is a sign from God that the end of days has arrived,

The story moves along at a fast clip, and is sure to be a ton of fun to those who loved the music and movies of the 90s, both of which are frequently mentioned in cool pop culture references.

Frost Bite was a blast from start to finish, and I cannot recommend this one highly enough. the book releases in October, but add it to your Goodreads list by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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