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Review - Hell Spring by Isaac Thorne

Synopsis -

In the twilight of March 21, 1955, eight people take cover in their local general store while a thundering torrent and flash flooding threatens life and livelihood alike. None of the eight are everything they claim to be. But only one of them hungers for human souls, flesh, and blood.

An overflowing waterway destroys their only path of escape. The tiny band of survivors is forced to confront themselves and each other when a peculiar stranger with a famous face tries to pick them off one by one.

Can the neighbors survive the predator in their midst as well as the 100-year flood that drowns the small town of Lost Hollow?

Review -

Sometimes, you come across a story so original that it defies your ability to aptly sum it up in a couple of paragraphs. That is where I am at with Hell Spring by Isaac Thorne.

Set mostly in a 1950's general store during a torrential downpour, the people trapped inside have their guilt and sin fed upon by a demon arriving in the form of Marilyn Monroe.

What follows is a wild, sometimes bonkers, battle for survival. This one begins with one of the strangest opening chapters I have ever read, but soon shifts to somewhat normal territory.

While strange, the story was entertaining, although there were some times where I found myself drifting due to the lengthy vivid descriptions from the author.

Stick with this one, as you quickly get into the authors writing style, which is definitely unique. Bonus points for originality with this one, which you can purchase HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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