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Review - Ink Vine by Elizabeth Broadbent

Synopsis -

Sometimes, you just pick your poison and pray

Stay the hell out of the swamp — the backwater town of Lower Congaree recites it like an eleventh commandment. But when exotic dancer Emmy Joiner sneaks under the dark tree-canopy behind her family trailer, she meets mysterious, tattooed Zara, the first girl she dares to kiss.

But the small-town South hates a woman who dares to dance instead of plucking chickens for minimum wage, and as Emmy’s life falls apart, her relationship with Zara grows more tangled and bizarre. Zara’s offering something beautiful. But while Emmy’s slowly strangling, its price may be more than she’s willing to pay.

Shifting between the green-bright cypress cathedral and the dreamland of a dance club, Broadbent’s unforgettably-voiced debut confronts the brutal realities of poverty in the South, with a sapphic tale both sultry and sinister, gritty and gothic.

Review -

Horror comes in all shapes and sizes, and while Ink Vine might not read like a true horror tales, there are elements there that make it so.

Imagine being stuck in a place and job that suck the life from you, while also not being able to live life as your true self. That is where Emerald finds herself until she ventures into the swamp and meets a strange young woman that changes her life.

In Vine is a bittersweet gothic fairytale that, while LGBTQ themed, will strike a chord with anyone disenchanted with their lot in life. This book is beautifully written and is one that you will get through quickly.

You can order your copy by clicking HERE.

4 Stars out of 5

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