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Review - Killer Be Killed by William Sterling

Synopsis -

Boone Hampton had been dreading this day forever. The day when his baby girl would leave "the nest" to embark into the world on her own. He had hoped this moment wouldn't come until college, or maybe a rebellious streak in high school, yet here he was, leaving her at a pre-teen summer camp.

Boone squeezes his daughter's hands one last time and lets her go.

The day would have been hard enough if it had just ended there.

But now the counselors at Camp Tall Pines have begun sacrificing the campers to resurrect a long-slumbering demonic entity, and Boone will have to risk everything to avenge his daughter.

Killer Be Killed takes the traditional camp serial killer formula and turns it on its head in a Splatterpunk-light homage to the slashers of the 80s with healthy doses of demonic possession and anti-cult related sub-plots cooked in for good measure.

Review -

Ordinarily, hearing about a book set in a summer camp with a killer on the loose would do little to pique my interest, but the twist in this one makes it something definitely worth reading.

What starts out as your basic cultists gone mad story turns into a bit of a Lovecraftian nightmare that has the main character and his unwelcome elder god accomplice going after the cult members.

The kills are glorious and the story moves along at a blistering pace. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be diving into the sequel. You can check it our HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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