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Review - Lacuna's Point by Tim Meyer

Synopsis -

Three years ago, Ellie Brower's daughter went missing somewhere in the heart of Virginia. Today, Ellie receives a mysterious text message that leads her to believe her daughter might still be alive. She follows this rabbit hole to the coastal town of Lacuna's Point.

But there's something wrong with this place. The town's only constable is zero help and downright hostile. There's a beloved mayor who presides over town affairs, but no one has ever seen his face. Meanwhile, an enormous clock tower holds something sinister behind its cyclopean eye of time.

As Ellie unravels the mystery of her missing daughter, the town begins to change. Its geography. Its spirit. Slowly, this homely paradise transforms into a nightmarish dreamworld. And not just the town; the people themselves are slowly evolving into something...else.

Review -

Tim Meyer is very much up there among my favorite indie authors right now, so I was excited to dive into his newest release, Lacuna's Point.

This is a rather hefty book that would be considered by most to be of the slow burn variety. That said, it gives the author time to really develop the story and it's main characters, which he does really well, as always.

There are times when the book drags a little, but it all begins to churn along once we get to the Lovecraftian element of the tale, which gave me some serious Silent Hill vibes.

There are several twists and turns and unexpected moments along the way, making the long journey one that is definitely worth taking.

You can nab your copy by clicking HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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