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Review - Moonrise by MJ Claiborne

Synopsis -

Anthony is a reserved young man with a beautiful girlfriend and a steady corporate job that he despises. Everything changes when he attends a company retreat. Seeking reprieve from the overcrowded gathering, he aimlessly ventures into the desolate wilderness surrounding his boss’ chalet.

During his outing, he is brutally attacked by a Lycan. After being airlifted to the hospital, he endures an excruciating recovery, filled with agonizing physical therapy sessions. While in the hospital, he begins to exhibit enhanced physical abilities. Shortly after coming home, he transforms into a Lycan and is quickly indoctrinated into his company’s pack, the Pure Bloods.

Anthony soon finds himself engulfed in the center of a war between the Pure Bloods and the rival Half-Breeds. Through his exploits, he learns of a prophecy that tells of a hybrid that can bring peace to the warring bloodlines. Armed with the knowledge of the divination, Anthony must navigate the perilous world of the Lycans in order to free himself from his curse and save his loved ones from the ever-present threat of the rival packs. Will Anthony fulfill his destiny and unify the bloodlines, or will all be lost?

Review -

Myrin City has a pest problem, and I'm not talking about rats or feral pets. Instead, there are different clans of werewolves engaged in a battle, with blood shed in buckets on every full moon.

Moonrise follows the story of Anthony, who is turned into a werewolf after an attack at a company gathering. He quickly learns that the company he works for is in fact a haven for werewolves. Anthony is a hybrid and may just be the secret weapon to help win the wolf war.

The story moves along at a nice pace and has some nice twists and turns, as well as some gory action set pieces along the way. The only real issue that I has was that Anthony was a wholly unlikeable main character, mostly revealed through his thoughts and inner dialogue.

Still, this was a fun read and I would love to know more about the history and lore of each of the werewolf groups, The ending suggests we might just get more of that. You can nab your copy of Moonrise by clicking HERE.

4 Stars out of 5

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