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Review - My Unbeating Heart by Eli Wilde

Synopsis -

Like a shade, I walked in silence unseen by anyone.

Until I needed to feed.

Rufus Hobster is not my real name. It did not become my name until I saw it chiselled on a gravestone one moonlit night and claimed it as my own.

It was not until I found a name I realised I had once been a man. From that night onwards, I endeavoured to become more human.

London in the 1800’s taught me what it meant to be mortal. Made me understand why a human should never fall in love with a vampire.

Review -

After reading the synopsis, I went into this book expecting some sort of Interview With the Vampire type story, but after a few short pages, I found myself hooked on the story unfolding.

What differentiates My Unbeating Heart from other vampire books is the way in which Rufus Hobster is portrayed. Rather than being a vampire embracing his powers, Hobster wrestles with trying to be more human while keeping his "virus" at bay.

It quickly became clear that I was reading a small portion of the entire tale, with Hobster's time in this book spent in Whitechapel during the reign of terror of Jack the Ripper. The ending teases more to come, and I for one am looking forward to diving into more stories of Rufus' life.

My Unbeating Heart is set to release on July 3.

4 stars out of 5

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