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Review - Of Mice and Wolfmen by Joe Pasquale

Synopsis -

From the thought-provoking whimsical, the horrifying “what if,” the wonderfully macabre, to the downright terrifying - Joe Pasquale delivers a dozen tales guaranteed to have the reader glancing over their shoulder as nighttime approaches, and those long, dark shadows begin to creep in.

Skulking within these pages, we have, for your ghoulish delectation, the blood-sucking undead, lycanthropes, the world’s greatest escapologist, a restaurant most vile, a creature spawned in the very pit of Hell itself, and a murderously warped version of The King of Rock ’n’ Roll to chill the very blood in your veins.

Mr. Pasquale never fails to surprise - nor to shock, and every single one of his stories hits home, and hits hard. He writes as a lifelong fan of horror, of a childhood spent reading the greats - and it certainly shows here.

Review -

Originality in horror, especially when it comes to subjects like vampires and werewolves, can be tough to find, but there is plenty of it on display in this excellent short story collection from Joe Pasquale.

I was particularly fond of the vampire stories in this collection, mostly because they came at the lore from very different angles than what we are used to.

While the stories are dark, there are elements of humor to be found throughout, especially in the likes of Velvet Elvis, which is an odd tale, but one that I read with a smirk.

All told, a great collection of short stories that you will get through rather quickly. You can pick up your copy HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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