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Review - Season of the Sickness by Harry J. Vaughn

Synopsis -

Pastor James Elba loses more than his faith when his daughter perishes in a tragic murder. After moving back to his hometown of Savannah Georgia his wife is now at the mercy of his own dark past locked away in the forgotten shadows of a derelict rice plantation seeped in bloody history. But will his renovations stir up more than just long suppressed memories of a childhood dare, an incantation that summoned...what?

Desperate for help James calls upon the mystical powers of a Manbo-Voodoo priestess- Miss Lolita. Can her sorcery help him retrieve his memories and save his wife? Or will the demons of his past claim another victim in this atmospheric Southern Gothic, where James' very soul will be shaken to its foundation.

Review -

Can you go home again when your past was colored by horrors best left alone? This is the question that James and his wife, Emma, get answered when they move to Savannah, GA after a family tragedy.

The home they purchase is one that James is more than a little familiar with, as it's one that he was in as a child when rumors of evil within the property made it a draw for kids looking for a thrill.

What unfolds is a chilling tale of voodoo, resurrection, and personal trauma that add up to a stunning ending. For me, there were shades of IT and Candyman in this story, but trust me, this is a book that is original and very much stands on its own.

I will absolutely be looking for more from Vaughn, as this was a truly fantastic read. You can nab a copy by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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