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Review - South of Heaven by Erin Louis

Synopsis -

Kat, a lapsed Catholic and promiscuous stripper, never thought she would get into Heaven.

Even as she stands there at the Pearly Gates, she naturally expects to be sent directly to Hell. She picks a fight with St. Peter just for fun, but rules are rules, and Kat makes it into Heaven on a minor technicality.

Once there, Kat discovers, much to her dismay, the angels are jerks, the only music is God-awful Christian rock, and her brand-new halo comes with some most troubling conditions.

As if things weren’t dismaying enough, Kay reunites with her father, who found eternal peace in a bottomless bottle of scotch, and her pot-smoking aunt, whose demon dealer resides in Hell. When she tracks down the demon, he tells Kat about his home in the desolate, fiery pit - where it rains blood but possesses all the earthly pleasures she misses so much in her disappointing afterlife.

Heaven isn’t the paradise Kat was promised in Sunday school, and she wants out.

Review -

The average person has some kind of idea what Heaven and Hell might be like, but what if those ideas were way off base? That is the gist of the story in South of Heaven by Erin Louis.

The main character, Kat, is a stripper and a bit of a flawed human being. It is her imperfections that make her feel like someone we can all relate to, which makes her death all the more jarring.

After a brutal car crash, she makes it into Heaven on a technicality, and after finding that it's not all it's cracked up to be, she spends her time there rebelling and trying to find a way to Hell, where she feels her life will be a whole lot better.

South of Heaven is a fun ride that will have you laughing on a regular basis, specially at the antics of Lucifer, Kat's feline buddy in Heaven. It's a quick read that is fun and really well written. You can nab your copy HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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