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Review - The Amityville Murder House by Andy Rausch

Synopsis -

Jen Dodd is annoyed when her husband, Josh, drags her from Wichita, Kansas, to Amityville, New York, to tour two supposedly-haunted houses. But she's far more annoyed when he purchases one of the houses, forcing her to move across the country.

The Dodd family's new home, dubbed by locals as “The Murder House,” is located across town from the Amityville Horror house that became famous in the 1970s. Despite having never heard of "The Murder House" before starting this journey, Jen will soon learn that it's far more dangerous than its famed counterpart. The death toll of Jen's new house is startlingly high. Now, she will have to fight to avoid becoming another victim.

Review -

This was a tough one for me, so let's start off with the positive. I expected another take on the whole Amityville Horror story, but the house in question is different than the infamous horror house.

There were a couple of nice twists along the way, including the ending, and some nice little creepy moments, but overall it all fell a little flat for me.

The biggest problem was that I found myself rooting for the main characters to come to a miserable end given that they were all so incredibly unlikeable. It also took a little too long to get to the house and for the spooky stuff to start.

While the book didn't work for me, fans of haunted house tales might well get a kick out of it. You can nab a copy HERE.

3 stars out of 5

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