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Review - The Broken Heart by N.J. Gallegos

Synopsis -

Casey Philips has it all: a deadbeat husband, a psychopathic son, a beautiful newborn daughter, and catastrophic heart failure necessitating an organ transplant. When a serial killer becomes an unexpected organ donor, Casey gets a heart and a new lease on life.

But dark dreams plague the disgruntled housewife—visions of places she's never been, chasing women she's never met. Sometimes, Casey wakes up outside her kids' rooms without realizing how she got there—knife in hand.

How far will a mother with a newly acquired taste for vengeance go to right the wrongs of an abusive husband, an increasingly violent son, and even her own sins? Only the heart knows what it truly wants.

Review -

I love a book where you see the main character go through experiences and changes that have them veering off in directions the reader would never see coming. This is exactly what happens with Casey in The Broken Heart.

The author does a fabulous job of building a character who seems to constantly be in a state of fight or flight as she juggles to hold her life together through illness and managing her fractured family.

Once we hit the midway part of the story, it takes a wild left turn and dives into full-on family horror, which includes a scene that should probably come with a neon bright trigger warning. It is the turning point of all turning points.

The Broken Heart kept me engaged from start to finish and left me wanting more. Judging by the way it ended, I think I might just get my wish granted.

You can pre-order your copy of The Broken Heart by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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