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Review - The Dead Woods by Christian Francis

Synopsis -

The woods were dead, and had been for as long as the townsfolk could remember. Sitting on the edge of the town, it was an expanse of sinister and leafless rot.

Those that were unlucky enough to find themselves alone and scared in those woods may have seen the thick yellowing mist that came first.

They may have seen the shadows that appeared to watch them as they tried to escape.

They then may have seen the faces of those long since past, approach them with a hungry grin.

But that would probably be the last thing they would ever see.

Few escaped seeing the truth in the evil that lay in wait in the dead woods, and those that were lucky enough, were never the same again.

Review -

If you are a fan of YA horror and coming of age stories, this is a book that might well be for you. Be warned, though, this one is a little darker than you might expect from a YA book.

While I enjoyed The Dead Woods, it didn't really pull me in. Part of the problem, I think, is that there were some glaring typos in there, although since this was an ARC, there is a very good chance they will all be fixed by the time it is officially released.

The book did have some cool moments and more disturbing scenes than I expected. It had some definite Stranger Things vibes at times, so certainly worth a read.

3.5 stars out of 5

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