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Review - The Gateway in Apartment 8 by Chisto Healy

Synopsis -

Sarah, an Asian-American college student moves into Sunnycrest Apartments because it’s a rare, affordable place. Strange things show up in her closet that don’t belong to her. Stranger still, they seem to come from the past. With the help of her psychiatrist, the girl she’s dating, and the quirky gay boy she met at a restaurant, Sarah realizes that her closet is actually a gateway to another time. Another world. A place where the same apartment belonged to the boyfriend of the final murder victim of a notorious serial killer that was never caught.

Sometimes the doorway takes her to another floor in the building, to the apartment the girl herself—Regina—lived in on the 11th floor, the apartment where the murder actually happened, but it always takes her to 1987. The two people connected to her through the gateway in her closet are the owners of the initials carved into the tree out in front of Sunnycrest.

Sarah’s girlfriend, Felicia, has been at Sunnycrest longer and helps her to understand that the whole building is haunted.

There is something strange about the place they live.

The dead are everywhere and some of them are dangerous. The living are not to be trusted, either. Sarah gets drawn in further and can’t let go. She wants to understand what Regina’s spirit is trying to tell her, what she needs, and how to turn her closet back into a closet. One thing she needs to remember though, is that there is a killer in 1987.

Can he still hurt her? Is any of it even real? Where will the gateway in Apartment 8 actually lead her?

Review -

We tend to think of ghosts as something that haunts places, but in the Sunnycrest Apartment building, it is the people who live there that are haunted.

The premise of this book is absolutely fantastic, and it ends up being something completely different from what you might expect. There are definite horror elements, but The Gateway In Apartment 8 plays out like a supernatural murder mystery.

As you would expect from a great mystery novel, there are countless twists and turns along the way, all leading up to a more than satisfying ending.

This was a truly enjoyable read, which you can get your hands on by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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