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Review - The Morass by Zachary Ashford

Synopsis -

The Australian Outback is a place mired in myth, folklore, and rumour that’s inspired some of the best horror fiction and creature horror books. Some say it’s full of deadly creatures. Others claim it’s rife with serial killers hunting for backpackers and stranded tourists. Whatever the cause, young people in central Queensland are disappearing and the locals are frightened.

Katy is fresh from college and ready to research and write her magnum opus, a book investigating the many disappearances of outback youths in Australia. When she meets Kip, a guitarist on his way to the city, she knows she’s onto something good and that she can prove her hypothesis: there’s nothing there for the youth of today and they’re running away, searching for employment and prospects in the city.

Unfortunately, she’s wrong. In this terrifying cosmic horror book, there is a killer in the outback. One that thinks God is the ancient creature that lurks in the swamps near his property. With floodwaters rising, he’s certain Katy and Kip are the sacrifices that will allow the entity to emerge from the morass and cleanse the world of sinners. One terrifying abduction later, he has them both imprisoned.

As they struggle to escape the terror and the torture, their desperate fight for survival will lead only to more horror. Because their kidnapper is not crazy. His god is real. His god is hungry, and it is screaming to be reborn.

Aurealis-nominated Australian author Zachary Ashford turns his attention to the isolation of the outback with this fast-paced horror. The tension thrums. The brutality screams. The desperation of his protagonists’ plight bleeds from the page. For fans of extreme horror, splatterpunk, gore, violent films like Wolf Creek, or international movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the grotesque creatures of movies like Aliens, The Thing, or The Fly, The Morass: Servant of the Fly God is not to be missed.

Will Katy and Kip survive? Will their killer succeed? Will the God in the swamp take over the world. Buy this supernatural thriller book now, and discover their fate.

Review -

A good horror story should make you feel uncomfortable, should somehow set you on edge. The Morass by Zachary Ashford does all of that and more in a fast-paced novella that will leave you itching all over.

A serial killer is on the loose in the Australian outback, but there is more to his kills than just thrill seeking, as he looks to serve a God lurking in the craters created by a meteor strike.

The largest portion of the story takes place during a torrential downpour on the killer's playground, and the gore is in full effect, with slasher, body horror, and other horrific tropes all on full display.

The Morass is a quick, unsettling read that is bleak, disturbing, and a ton of fun for horror readers that like a heavy sprinkling of gross in their books.

This one is set for release on July 14, and you can pick it up HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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