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Review - The Space Between by Larry Hinkle

Synopsis -

From a corn maze hiding a cosmic secret between its rows to the basement of a Nebraska woman with a magic eye…

From a support group for necrophiliacs to a demon searching for a new apprentice…

From a town overrun by a sentient garbage dump to the tunnels beneath one of the country’s most haunted hotels…

From the trail less travelled to a remote outpost on the outskirts of civilization...

The 20 stories in this debut collection from horror author Larry Hinkle explore the space between our world and the next. Between then and now, and now and then. Between found and lost. Between the innocence of a child and the bloodlust of a monster.

Tread lightly and watch your back. You’re never alone in the space between.

Review -

Short story collections are usually hit and miss, but you sometimes get one that is a gem from start to finish. That is how I felt about The Space Between by Larry Hinkle.

There are 20 stories in this collection, some of which are little more than a page long, and they are all great in their own right. You have cosmic horror, murderous, garden gnomes, and a host of other little nuggets that run the gamut from fun to downright creepy.

For me, Caterwaul and Sharing is Caring were among my favorites from the bunch, but like I said, there is something to enjoy in every tale Hinkle delivers.

You can nab a copy by clicking HERE.

5 Stars out of 5

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