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Review - The White by Matt Micheli

Synopsis -

Things can change fast in Texas, especially the weather.

Uninvited and unwelcomed, Dan’s estranged mother Margo shows up at his doorstep moments before a freak snowstorm hits their small Texas town. The arctic storm comes fast and hard, trapping Dan and his wife, their teen daughter, and her boyfriend inside with the malicious old woman who seems hell-bent on destroying everything her son and daughter-in-law have built together. Long-buried family secrets are exhumed, causing tensions to flare and tempers to erupt. As things spiral out of control and anger consumes the household, inside is Hell. But outside in the snow there is something far more sinister. Something full of rage. Something violent. And that something has a taste for blood.

Review -

This is a short read that's easy to get through in a single, rather enjoyable sitting. It's a small cast of characters, and while it's a shorter story, they are all really nicely put together, to the point where you are going to be wishing that one or two of them meet a bad end.

The author does a nice job of building the tension before unleashing an ending that is insanely violent. It's a final third that will have you flipping the pages to see who, if anyone, makes it out alive.

I would say that this is a story that would benefit from a longer re-telling, as I'd love to know more about the snow and the madness it brings. You can get your hands on The White by clicking HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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