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Review - Witch Ever Way You Go by Robert Herold

Synopsis -

When an ill-fated graduate student and his girlfriend are lured into a terrifying world of witchcraft and murder, they become targets for human sacrifice. Is there a chance they can escape a bloodthirsty coven of witches and certain death until the curse is lifted?

A spellbinding story of modern horror.

Review -

This novella opens with a bang at a Satanic that goes horribly wrong, leaving a pair of guests on the run as they fight to stay alive.

The story moves along at a quick clip, with some nice little twists and turns along the way. You never really know who can be trusted and who is in cahoots with the cult, who seem intent on running down the main character.

While the story is fast-paced, it suffers a little at the end from that speed, as it feels somewhat rushed in the climactic moments. That said, it was an entertaining read and I will check out the other novellas in the series.

You can nab a copy by clicking HERE.

4 Stars out of 5

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