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Review - Within by Edmund Stone

Synopsis -

Three unique stories all with a common theme

Within brings together the plight of three women, all broken, but strong. Each story shows a unique situation they are up against and how they cope with the terror they are faced with.

Part One

Within You


A housewife waits for her husband on a stormy night. She gets stuck outside of her house with her baby inside. Someone is lurking in the darkness. She desperately wants to protect her baby from what’s outside, but fails to realize, the horror is Within.

Part Two

Within Me


A young girl discovers she has a secret power. She confides in her mother and finds her family is full of secrets as well, namely, one half is trying to kill the other. Her battle begins when the wrong part of the family finds out about her. She must Hurt them and achieve the ultimate revenge before her time runs out.

Part Three

Within Us

The Devil’s Concubine

A girl is given a machete when she comes of age. Her Daddy teaches her how to wield it in a fight. She finds the blade gives her power, turning her into something vicious when she uses it. She’ll need the help of her blade, as her world is turned upside down by someone, she least expected.

Review -

Three stories with a very different vibe to each.

Part 1

A young mother home alone in a storm sees a stranger outside her house. For me, this was the weakest of the three. There were some minor discrepancies in the story, and I saw the twist ending coming.

3 out of 5

Part 2

This was easily my favorite, as I loved the story idea of witches and the family cult out to mow them all down. Very violent at times and a ton of fun.

5 out of 5

Part 3

Another very good story about a woman just released from jail who goes home to fins that things are not what she expected with her family. An exciting supernatural tale with a heavy demonic presence.

4 out of 5

Overall, a solid collection that you can picks up HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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