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Review - Wraiths of the Appalachian by David Allen Voyles

Synopsis -

When Eddie Bowen quit his job and threw a sleeping bag into the back of his Volkswagen bus and headed out onto the highway, he had no idea what horrors awaited him. With no specific destination in mind, he surprises himself by following the directions of a crackling voice that speaks directly to him through the static of the vintage radio.

With a mysterious canine companion who seems more wolf than dog, Eddie finds on his journey that there is something much more terrifying behind the campfire stories he heard as a boy than he ever could have imagined.

Review -

If you've ever gone camping, you might well have sat around the campfire and shared some spooky stories. It's a a fun way to pass the time and creep yourself out, and this is what Voyles does with Wraiths of the Appalachian.

In an effort to clear his head after quitting his job, Eddie Boone takes to the road, following directions from a disembodied voice on the radio. Every pit stop along the way delivers a new spooky experience based on folklore from the area.

It's a quick read suitable for most, as it is relatively PG in the scares department. A big part of the fin of reading this book was getting on Google and learning more about the places and lore.

A fun, quick read that you can get HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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