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Succeeding at Being Social

Without the aid of a couple of beers, I am more than likely to be found stuck in the corner at a social gathering. With those beers, though, the shirt tends to come off as my hidden extrovert makes an appearance. What I am saying here is that the act of being social does not come particularly easy for me.

Things tend to be a little easier in the digital world, though, as I am much more comfortable engaging in small talk when I am not face to face with someone. The ability to hit backsapce and say something a little more clever or polite is definitely an added plus.

With that in mind, I have been conspicuously absent here as I try to build a following on social media ahead of my book release, which is in late September. It has been a surprisingly successful enterprise, especially on Twitter, where I have somehow picked up 600 followers in the space of a week. This despite being very picky about the whole following process.

The downside of this Twitter success is that everything else (Facebook, Instagram, writing) has been ignored. I'm going to try and do better at balancing everything from this point forward. I have social media links to my pages on the front page of this website, but here are the links for those of you who fancy following along.

Thanks to all of you who take time to follow any of those pages.


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