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The Spooky Shorts Series

It is becoming increasingly clear that the editing and publishing side of things is far less enjoyable than the writing. "Karaoke Night" was completed at the end of November, yet here I am still editing and tweaking as the middle of January approaches. I understand that this is a necessary evil before I submit the finished piece to the publisher, but that does not make things feel any less laborious.

My plan was to launch into the next novel as soon as I got this one sent off, but I have instead decided to write and self-publish a series of smaller pieces under the "Spooky Shorts Series" banner. I have 3 very distinct ideas in place, which I will begin ASAP. The goal is to have the first one up at Smashwords by February 1, with a new short to follow on the first of each month. These would be listed at 99 cents each, with the goal to have 5 or 6 new stories up before I start planning for NaNoWriMo in September or October.

The first story will be called "The Wrong Remains." This one is basically about the fallout of having the wrong cremains sitting in an urn at home. I have a bit of a nice twist in this one, but things may change.

Story #2 will be named "Stone Tape," and will essentially be a straight haunted house type of deal. No real details coming to mind just yet, as all my ideas are being channeled into #1 right now.

The next of the 3 will be "COTEP," which is one that has me a little excited. COTEP is an acronym for "corner of the eye phenomenon," which is when people see ghosts and shadow figures out of the corner of their eye. I will be taking that idea and giving it a real strange twist. This could be the toughest to swallow of the 3, but it is the one I am most looking forward to writing.

I will post link to these pieces as soon as they go live on Smashwords.

Talk again soon,


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