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Review - Awake in the Night by Shauna McEleney


Jessica and Nicole think they’ve finally found their dream house by the sea in the West of Ireland. 17 Montpellier Street has history, character… and so many rooms you could easily lose your way, if you don’t tread carefully.

It has memories, too - so many memories. The new owners haven’t learned them yet. But the girls who lived there decades before, when the church used Montpellier Street to hide away its secrets - they’ve never forgotten.

The ones who survived, anyway.

Montpellier Street remembers every one of the horrors those girls suffered at the hands of the priests, nuns and doctors who should have been their carers. And Jess and Nicole… they’re about to start reliving them, night after night.

Sleep may never come easily again.


Moving home can be stressful, but moving into your dream home should remove some of the burden, or so you would think. Jessica and Nicole seem to be handling it all very well, thanks in large part to their helpful neighbor, Susan, but it doesn't stay that way for long.

Set in Ireland, Awake in the Night features a fabulous set of characters, some of whom are in present day, while other are echoes from the past looking to intrude into the modern world.

This is a haunted house story with a heart and one that left me feeling very emotional at times. The author did a fantastic job of making me care about all the characters, past and present, and did so by adding some great twists along the way.

I cannot recommend this one highly enough, and you can pick up your copy by clicking HERE.

5 Stars out of 5

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