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Review - Scatter by Mindy Macfarlane

Synopsis -

After witnessing the aftermath of his wife's untimely death, Russell Clark finds himself hundreds of miles away from home at a casino resort tucked away in an unfamiliar town. While there, he encounters strange situations and stranger people, including a menacing figure that he swears has it out for him.

With every passing night, Russell's sanity spins further out of his control and even in the face of his mounting losses, something sinister keeps pulling him back in. Can he beat the odds and hit it big, or does the house always win?

Review -

This book opens with one of the most graphic scenes I have read in quite some time, and while some will be turned off by it, I felt it was essential to set up the surreal journey that the main character goes on through the rest of the book.

Russell, the MC, proves to be a wholly unreliable narrator, leaving the reader feeling as though they never know what is real and what is in the mind of a man who just lost his wife in tragic fashion.

The surrounding cast of characters are also good, and there are a whole number of nuggets dropped to keep you guessing what is going on all the way to the end. Scattered is a twisted tale of grief and loss that was really well put together.

You can grab your copy by clicking on the cover image above and it is available on KU.

4 stars out of 5

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