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Review - Bad Dreams & Reflections by Trevor Kennedy

Synopsis -

With​in Trevor Kennedy's Bad Dreams and Reflections, you will discover a world of darkened shades of night and long-forgotten angles of reality where good and evil collide.

A plane of malevolence where vampiric cats, insectoid abominations, mischievous genii, demonic entities from Hell, lycanthropic freaks of nature, the sleepless dead, the foul stench of rotting ghouls, and Lovecraftian terrors coexist and stalk the twisted streets and mist-filled entries, as treacherous cursed tomes and the apocalypse wait patiently in the shadows.

Do you dare walk the roads of this forbidden wasteland of unprecedented horror?

Review -

The newest collection of short stories from Dark Owl Publishing is Bad Dreams & Reflections by Trevor Kennedy. All the stories contained within are set in Ireland, with some definitely falling into the strange category.

Some of the stories are short and feel like little fever dream snippets. For me, those are the least satisfying of the bunch, as there is a definite unfinished feeling to them.

Where this collection shines is with the longer stories, all of which are creepy in their own right. Crown of Thorns, which includes the genuinely scary character, Mr. Needlesticks, is the best of the bunch for me.

While there are some tales that fall flat, there are more than enough excellent stories in here to make this a collection worth reading when it releases on August 10.

4 stars out of 5

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