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Review - Blackout by Carlos E. Rivera

Synopsis -

WHAT YOU WHISPER, WHAT YOU HIDE, WHAT YOU FEAR…THE TOWN KNOWS.Thirty years ago, Freddie Parham did the unthinkable. In the depths of the infamous Vanek House, he sacrificed six lives to unknown dark forces.

Now an inmate at a mental health facility, Freddie has become the servant of Martha Lange, the leader of a dark, local cult. Bringing to life the monstrosities Freddie paints on his canvas, he sets out to perform the Ritual of the Four Nights, which will awaken the entity sleeping beneath the town of White Harbor.

Elsewhere in town, Peter Lange and his friends are gathered at a local bar, when a mysterious figure from their past puts the group in mortal danger. They must uncover where the key to it all lies. Is it in their experiences inside the Vanek House? In the “safe place” where two of the group began a secret love affair? In the crawlspace beneath Peter’s home, where his greatest fears still live?

An inexplicable blackout devours White Harbor. The blue moon rises. The First Night has begun.

The first of four nights to awaken God and remake the world.

Review -

Blackout is the second book in the White Harbor series, with the stakes raised to an incredible degree in this portion of the story. Book 1 was all about building the background and characters, which it did brilliantly, but Book 2 is all mayhem and carnage.

The author does a fantastic job of carrying the story forward at a lightning pace, sprinkling in some truly amazing horror set pieces that will have you quickly flipping the pages to see what happens.

This one ends with a bang and sets up the final story in the trilogy brilliantly. The only downside is that we now have to wait for what is sure to be a thrilling climax. If you haven't visited the world of White Harbor yet, you really need to.

You can check out both books by clicking HERE.

5 Stars out of 5

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