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Review - Brotherhood of Secret Darkness by Jason J. McCuiston

Synopsis -

In this collection of thirteen illustrated tales, two-fisted heroes - and those of the everyman variety - confront some of the best-known conspiracy theories and urban legends of our time, stumble upon less familiar myths, and even discover a few new ones.

Satanic cults, witches, aliens, pagan gods, ancient monsters, serial killers, and global conspiracies fill the pages of this volume of dark fantasy, horror, and intrigue. The deepest, darkest recesses of the pop-culture zeitgeist are brought to lurid life in these thrilling tales of pulp-style adventure and esoteric mystery.

Read them and see your world with new eyes.

Read them and see behind the curtain.

Read them and form your own theories.

The Brotherhood of Secret Darkness and Other Cults, Cabals, and Conspiracies reveals that it is all connected.

Review -

When you read a short story collection, you expect there to be a couple of tales that are little more than filler, but that is not the case with The Brotherhood of Secret Darkness. Each of the 13 stories contained within are excellent in their own right, coming together to make an outstanding collection that is a must read.

In fact, there are a few of these stories that are begging to be expanded upon and turned into novels or even series. I would particularly love to see more from Professor Wyrd and his team, who appear in the titular short story.

This is an author at the top of his game and one that I cannot wait to see more from.

5 stars out of 5

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