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Review - Celeste by Marie O'Regan

Synopsis -

Adoration has a high price

Celeste is ancient, beautiful, and deadly. Aided by her servant, Clive, she has lived for over 200 years, drawing her life force from the adoration of others – first in her native country of America and, when forced to flee her home there, in London. Now she has a new target for her affections in Sam. And when she invades his dreams and his life in order to seduce him and feed on his desires, she doesn’t reckon on the power of his love for his wife, Marianne, or the terrible price her obsession with him will exact.

A terrifying novel from the Shirley Jackson and British Fantasy award-nominated Marie O’Regan (Mirror Mere, In Times of Want and Other Stories), this will make you think, make you shiver and make you question your own closest relationships.

Review -

The old saying suggests that "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned." This is especially true when said woman in an adoration vampire.

This is a nice little twist on vampire lore, with the main character, Celeste, remaining young through the adoration of men. Her curse came via an old curse placed on her in Louisiana 200 years prior. True love was her goal, but that's not how things played out for her.

Fast forward to modern day London, where Celeste and her butler Clive return to youth after a period of decrepitude. We learn that it's a regular cycle, with the young Celeste wooing men and haunting their dreams in an attempt to find love. The repercussions when they find out that she is not what they believe her to be are harsh.

This is certainly a very different take on the vampire legend and one that is mostly entertaining. There are moments where the story drags just a touch and feels a little repetitive, but this is a book that I would still definitely recommend. You can get your copy HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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