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Review - Donn, TX 1969 by Eric Butler

Synopsis -

There’s a place in Texas the locals avoid at all cost, where the lost go missing and the damned reside.

You won’t find it on any map, there are no road signs to guide you, and once there, may God have mercy on your soul.

For when the scarecrow awakens, the harvest of the living begins.

Welcome to Donn, TX

Gateway to Hell


Frank is back from Vietnam but struggling to reconnect with the world he once knew. Jane is convinced a road trip to Houston will help them both find the connection they are missing. First, they need to drop off her younger sister and her best friend at the university, and then the honeymoon the war put on hold can finally begin.

Except now they are lost on the back roads, and each mile brings them closer to Donn. If only they hadn’t exited the highway …

But now it’s too late; for the harvest is nearing its end, and the scarecrow requires its due.

Review -

I have decided to start the year by reading some shorter books so as to get some momentum in my reading challenge. So far, I have lucked out, as the ones I have chosen have been very entertaining.

This was the first book I have read by Eric Butler, but it will absolutely not be the last. 1969 is the first of 5 shorts set in the fictional town of Donn, TX., a place that is far from pleasant.

After a car crash, the passengers are set upon by massive crows, a scarecrow, and a group of townsfolk set on making sure "The Harvest" goes off without a hitch. The blood starts to spill rather quickly and does not let up until the rather shocking end.

I believe that all 5 books can be read as standalones, but 1969 seems like the ideal place to start. You can grab your copy, plus check out the rest of the series, by clicking HERE.

5 start out of 5

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