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Review - Haunted Places By Mark Allan Gunnells

Synopsis -

Haunted Places and other Stories is a collection of short, queer, horror fiction. Gunnells explores the range of ways people—and places—can be haunted, and uses this theme to challenge assumptions of queerness. He broaches some very real topics that, in themselves, haunting contemporary Americans, and continues to act as a clear, loud, and proud, queer voice in horror fiction.

Review -

Short story collections all tend to be rather hit or miss, but the great news is that Haunted Places and Other Stories by Mark Allan Gunnells falls, for the most part, into the hot category.

There is a little something in here for everyone, with Santa's Little Spy and End of Her Rope among the highlights for me.

The best of the bunch, though, in my humble opinion, was The Pigmalion Pigs, which had a great little twist on the Mandela Effect. Very clever story and the standout in a very solid collection.

You can grab your copy HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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