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Review - The Circus of Hungry Clowns by Caesar Ruell

Synopsis -

The year is 1936, and the residents of Brentway are excited - and so they should be…the circus has come to town!

After much anticipation and chatter amidst the packed grandstands, the booming voice of the charismatic ringmaster announces the beginning of the show. In the audience are Joe, and his son, Bobby, who can’t wait to see all of the outrageous clowns from the brochure - Chunky, Bonzo, Itchy, Queasy, Fangs, Crooks and Bruiser.

When Bobby is selected to participate in one of the acts, Joe is thrilled for his son. However, after the performance is over, much to the distress of his father, the boy fails to return. Searching desperately to locate him, Joe needs to first hunt down the truth about those involved, by using any means necessary.

But when the secrets he uncovers are of a far more savage nature than anything he could ever have imagined, Joe is forced to ask himself the most harrowing question of all: does Bobby still draw breath amongst this horrifying cavalcade of clowns, or is it already too late...?

Review -

I think we can all agree that clowns are creepy, but what if they were cannibalistic and not of this world? That is the premise of The Circus of Hungry Clowns, and I have to say that the author has done a fine job of making my irrational fear of clowns that much more present.

This is a quick read that you can easily get through in one sitting, and it is a story that is well-paced and horrific, without being too high on the gore factor. That said, sice kids are the prime target of the clowns, you should be warned that it's not at all pleasant.

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading the sequel ASAP.

You can grab a copy by clicking HERE.

4 stars out of 5

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