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Review - The Lingering by DM Gritzmacher

Synopsis -

With the pinprick of summer fresh on his skin, a young boy stumbles upon a horrifying secret long buried in the forgotten past of a small midwestern community. Sharing the disturbing discovery with his best friends, the boys set out on the adventure of their young lives, hoping to unravel a mystery over 100 years in the making. One that left a scarred graveyard full of discarded bodies in its wake, and a deep divide between those avoiding history and those unwilling to see it repeated. Without the comfort of an adult they can trust, their terrifying encounter haunts them the rest of their lives. Each blind to the murky darkness it left festering deep inside them.

Haunted by a series of recent and barely believable events, Russell Stander returns to the long-abandoned home of a deceased relative he’d last visited as a child. Hoping to discover a connection between what he’d witnessed there in the past, and freshly unveiled revelations. Enlisting the help of his best friend, retired detective Tom Secrist, Stander painstakingly peels back the layers of time. Searching for any connections, and the abandoned friendships he’d long left behind.

Four boys, coming-of-age in the 1980s, bound by loyalty and their thirst for adventure. Each tarred with a lingering stain that changed the course of their tattered lives forever.

Review -

One of the things that I love about this series is that you can read each of the 3 books as standalones and not be totally lost. Yes, there are some tie-ins to the other books, but they do not take away from the overall story.

In Book 3 of the Skulldiggery Series, The Lingering, we jump between a present day mystery and a coming of age story that drives the story into the present.

It is these trips to the past that are, for me, the best part of this book. You feel as though you are there with the teenage boys in their adventures, which means that the fear you feel when things go off the rails is all the more palpable.

I cannot wait for Book 4, bit in the meantime, you can catch up on the rest of the series by clicking HERE.

5 stars out of 5

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