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Review - The Streets of Floria by J.B. Arnold

Synopsis -

After a horrific tragedy, Odin attempts to escape his past by abandoning his hometown and his family. After traveling for weeks by vessel on the Green Sea, he finds comfort in the port city of Floria.

Once there, he meets a carefree sailor and a beautiful woman while trying to start his life over; however, the city has secrets and mysteries of its own. There is something, sinister and evil, lurking deep in the darkness of the streets that few in the city will even talk or whisper about.

After a brief, terrifying encounter, Odin joins his new friends on a quest to solve the mystery that has plagued the city for centuries, the mystery of the Streets of Floria.

Review -

People in Floria have been mysteriously vanishing for years, with the residents speaking in hushed tones about a creature called "The Eyes." Legend says that anyone who sees this awful beast won't live to tell the tale, yet Odin, in Floria in search of a new life, does.

From that point forward, the story moves at a fantastic pace, as Odin, alongside his new friends Lilly and Simon, look to solve the mystery.

The author throws in some nice twists here and there and does a fantastic job of both character and world building. It would have been easy for the story to be dragged down in the lore of the Green Sea and the lands beyond Floria, but he does a great job of focusing on the story at hand.

I really enjoyed this one, which is due for release soon.

5 stars out of 5

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